你看到了吗?. 我们也一样. 也许你儿子只是需要一个新的开始. Or a place away from the stress of high school cliques, 男女混合的教室或不专心的老师. Perhaps he simply needs a school where he can focus on learning without public school distractions. Choosing 费什伯恩 isn’t about “sending him away to military prep school in Virginia” or a comment on your parenting. It’s about giving him all the possibilities wrapped in our traditions of fairness 和 structure 和 hard work. With a serving of camaraderie, encouragement 和 support that will stick with him his whole life.

也许他的才能已经充分展示出来了. And he sees that a military-style boarding school that possesses a JROTC Honor Unit With Distinction is the best path to help him reach his ambitious goals for a military academy or career.
也许他的天赋还没有那么明显. 我们的小班, 一对一的关注, feeling of brotherhood 和 continuous support he can get at 费什伯恩 will help to bring those gifts to light.
不是每个人都走一条平坦的道路. 如果他是个需要规矩的孩子, 例行公事和纪律, 费什伯恩 can offer him boundaries 和 role models who can help get your student on track personally 和 academically.
With so much pressure in public schools, it’s hard to just be a boy. 在费什伯恩, your son will find a level playing field with fairness st和ards 和 uniformity that 应用 to everyone so he can focus on academics 和 personal growth.

“这不是第二次机会学校. 这是一所不同的学校.”



As Virginia’s smallest 和 oldest military prep school, we’re just the right size to give your son the attention he deserves while employing everything we’ve learned about teaching boys over the past 140+ years.

费什伯恩 is ideal for talented boys whose talents haven’t been discovered.

When we see what’s great in a boy, it’s not long before he sees what’s great in himself. And at the end of the day, that may be the most important thing he’ll ever learn here. 因为我们的规模, our unique perspective using a military model 和 our inclusive environment, 费什伯恩 is the best place for boys to discover their best selves.

It takes more than small classes 和 a successful history to change a boy’s self image—和, 最终, 他未来的自己.

在费什伯恩 there’s a mindset 和 a mission to elevate every boy. That’s why our youngest cadets are just as revered as our upperclassmen. That’s why every boy will play any sport he wants (8th graders can play varsity sports). It’s why we’re open to whatever future your son imagines, even if it’s untraditional. It’s why we prize creativity, innovation 和 openness.


我们是来给他空间的, 鼓励, 结构, 和 the unconditional support he needs—all while teaching him the values that our world desperately needs but rarely rewards.

什么 “我们看到了你的伟大之处” 对每个爸爸妈妈都有意义.

Here, your son can grow into the best version of himself

In a world where too many boys—especially boys stuck in the invisible middle—are overlooked, 误解或无聊, 费什伯恩 is the ideal place for your son to grow into the very best version of himself.

男孩 who used to feel unseen suddenly find their passions

Thanks to our size (we’re proudly Virginia’s smallest military school), 我们的结构(我们是一所军校), after all) 和 our commitment to every single boy who comes here (that’s our promise), boys who used to feel unseen 和 misunderstood suddenly find their passions, 他们的关注点和优势. 这改变了我的生活.


他们被我们看到了, 同样重要的是, by their fellow cadets—resulting in a very different kind of peer pressure than they feel now. They’re encouraged, in ways they’ve never been before.

No one knows your son better than you, but we’re gonna try

当男孩们感到被关注, it’s a transforming experience—the transformation you 和 your son always knew could happen, 你只是不知道在哪里. 直到现在.


The world pushes heavy against some young men: too much noise, 不合适, 或者衣服, 或者头发, 或朋友. The mold feels like it was made for someone other than you. 当你合适的时候,你就会被看到. 当你不这样做的时候,你是隐形的. It’s hard to make choices, let alone the right ones, if you can’t tune it out. And it’s hard to burn bright when no one has the time to look 和 see. 但我们看到你.

我们以一种别人没有或不会看到的方式看待你. 我们看到了你的能力. 你是领袖,你是兄弟. 我们在你身上看到了更好的学生. 有弹性的你.

你永远不会在这里隐形. 因为我们见过成千上万的男孩, 和 our mission is to create a world of order that can quiet the noise, 公平, 的目光, 让你每天都有机会被人看到, 这里的每个人.

我们知道你是个好人. 一种荣誉和仁慈. 一个值得为之努力的,因为那是我们的模子. 我们费什伯恩. 我们看到了你的优点.


你需要知道的一切. 都在一个地方.

We’ve designed our website to be a valuable 和 comprehensive resource for you, but sometimes it’s nice to have something to hold onto. Our br和 new 费什伯恩 brochure is full of essential information 和 unexpected insights that will show how 费什伯恩 is the ideal place for your son to discover his strengths, 了解结构的价值, feel the special bond only a military-style school can provide, 和 sharpen the ideals that are admired around the world.