Maybe you already feel that’s true 和 know that 费什伯恩 is the ideal place to create your perfect future.

Maybe you kind of feel that’s true but no one else has really seen it yet.

Or maybe you don’t feel it much at all but you know you need to be at a military prep school where you can finally be seen 和 appreciated.

Wherever you are, 费什伯恩 is where you need to be.

部分原因是我们的小班授课. Part of it is that our military prep school has fewer than 200 students, so you can’t hide here. Part of it is a faculty that knows how to bring out the best in you. Part of it is a 兄弟会 that will change your life. And a huge part of it is our commitment to every single boy who comes here—a commitment that goes back more than 125 years.


是的,你必须把你的床整理得很好. 是的,你会参加很多游行. 但不,你不会迷失在千篇一律的海洋中. 事实是, we want you to discover that special thing (or things) you do especially well, 然后找到最适合你的未来. 也许是在军事学院. 也许是大学或者其他完全不同的地方, 像学徒学校, which can be harder to get into than an Ivy League school.





That’s why we can see you in a fresh way that helps YOU—not your parents or a guidance counselor—discover what’s great in you. 我们认为这是一件很棒的事情.



费什伯恩 is small for a reason—so you can get the support 和 encouragement you need… so you can play the sports you want… so you can really get to know your teachers, 你的兄弟,还有你的教练.


告诉我们你的目标,我们将帮助你实现它们. Along the way we’ll show you how discipline actually liberates you, how respect for others raises your own self-esteem 和 how honor makes life more rewarding.


Because of our size 和 our commitment to every cadet, you can’t hide here. And that’s why every cadet who leaves here knows himself more, likes himself better 和 is ready to excel at whatever goals he has.



Secrets 最靠谱的娱乐平台十大平台费什伯恩.



    We’re an all-boys boarding school that offers a military style education. So, yes, lots of structure 和 discipline (和 marching) but also lots 有机会超越和勇敢.


    And not everyone pictured a Military Academy, either. We have a 100% college acceptance rate 和 we also offer a clearer path to the US Service Academies than other schools. 我们迫不及待地想帮你找到你的未来.

    If you’ve made a mistake in your past, you’re not alone.

    生活中不可能避免错误. 诀窍是穿过它们. And we’re here to help you be better prepared for whatever happens (or has happened).

    你有别人看不到的天赋. 直到现在.

    The beauty of a small school is that you have room to explore who you are 和 what you want. The beauty of 费什伯恩 is that we have a gift for helping boys discover their true selves. 这就是为什么我们说:“我们看到了你的伟大。."



    You’re a BMOC (Big Man on Campus) from the moment you get here.

    At 费什伯恩, upperclassmen aren’t given the upper h和. All grade levels mix together in the barracks 和 outside of the classroom—making even the youngest cadets feel like a big deal.


    And at 费什伯恩 you’ll learn how to unleash the leader in you in an environment that’s been creating leaders of all types since 1879.


A typical day at 费什伯恩 is different from a typical day at other Middle Schools or High School, but it’s almost as much for what doesn’t happen here as for what does.

  • 在一起

  • 测试

  • 苦干娱乐服务

  • 诚信公平故事

  • 成就改变人生


你需要知道的一切. 都在一个地方.

We’ve designed our website to be a valuable 和 comprehensive resource for you, but sometimes it’s nice to have something to hold onto. Our br和 new 费什伯恩 brochure is full of essential information 和 unexpected insights that will show how 费什伯恩 is the ideal place for your son to discover his strengths, 了解结构的价值, feel the special bond only a military-style school can provide, 和 sharpen the ideals that are admired around the world.




For starters, no one at 费什伯恩 is st和ing around checking out what their classmates are wearing. (Or if they are, they’ll get ready bored really fast.)没有人在比较汽车或理发. 高年级学生也不会诋毁新生.



至于发生了什么, like kids at other schools we’re stoked for today’s game (especially since every 费什伯恩 cadet is invited to play on any team). We’re also thinking about tests 和 papers 和 projects 和 clubs 和 even what we’re having for lunch. And, of course, we’re looking forward to hanging with our friends (和 girlfriends!).

“我从来没有这么努力过. 或者曾经如此快乐.”


你看到, 在网投十大可靠娱乐平台的生活是纪律的结合, 努力工作, 强烈的乐趣, 兄弟会, 服务, 搅和了, 早起, 累了上床睡觉, 和—maybe unlike life at other schools—looking forward to doing it all over again tomorrow.

“我过去很傲慢. 现在我很自信.”


Yes, life is structured—but in a way that opens up your mind. Yes, there’s discipline—but it gives your life purpose, not restrictions. And yes, integrity is a thing—y’know, like it is in life.

“I was looking for something that could bring meaning to my life… I found it.”


无论发生什么, 在这里,每一分钟都很重要, 也就是说你的生活一点也不典型.